Tile and grout cleaning brisbane

Posted by Craig Jorgenson

Clean Solutions Cleaning has vast experience in Tile and Grout Cleaning in Brisbane. Tile and Grout Cleaning is a highly specialised field requiring a complete knowledge of cleaning chemistry and the use of the latest hi-tech equipment. Tile and Gout Cleaning processes unique to Clean Solutions are outlined below. Our examples are of jobs completed by Clean Solutions,  not videos from other web sources.


Tile and Grout Cleaning Process:

  1. Tiles and Grout are identified and tested for a sealing coating
  2. Removal of all dry soil, dust and refuse from the Tiles and Grout
  3. Selection of appropriate chemicals for the Tiles and Grout
  4. Precondition of the Tiles and Grout with specialised chemicals to allow soil suspension
  5. Agitation of the Tiles and Grout with specialised equipment to ensure complete soil suspension.
  6. Tiles and Grout are then cleaned with a high pressure and high temperature extraction machine fitted with a Turbo Tile Spinner. This process simultaneously cleans and removes all soil and is safe for use on internal tiles as all cleaning solutions are kept inside the head of the machine allowing waste disposed in an environmentally friendly way
  7. Edge details of the Tiles and Grout are now completed to achieve perfect results
  8. The Tiles and Grout surface is then neutralised with the appropriate chemicals and any residual moisture is removed
  9. The Tiles and Grout look like new again