Clean Solutions Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Posted by Craig Jorgenson

Clean Solutions Cleaning is a Certified for Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane Queensland we adhere to the Australian Standards (AS3733) for carpet cleaning in Brisbane. This Australian Standard for carpet cleaning specifies the minimum standards for carpet cleaning, however, we take this to another level by adding extra services to ensure the best possible results as seen in the video below:



Clean Solutions Carpet Cleaning In Brisbane Tasks:

  1. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Pre-inspection - the technician conducts a test to confirm the type of fibre in the carpet to be cleaned. He will then assess the carpet and advise you of any problems that may be experienced. This allows you the opportunity to discuss any issues that you may have.
  2. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Pre-vacuum with a HEPA filtration vacuum and mechanical brush attachment. The machine we use has a bacteria filtration screen to kill mould and bacteria (essential for asthmatics) and also a mechanical brush which agitates the carpet removing all dry soils.
  3. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Pre-conditioning - in the next step the technician pre-conditions your carpets with the correct chemical for the type of fibre identified in step one.
  4. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Agitation - in order to lift soils trapped below the surface to the top of the pile, a rotary agitating unit is used. This step is crucial to obtain maximum deep soils recovery. A procedure not normally performed by many of our competitors.
  5. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Extraction and rinse - is achieved by using a Steam Vac unit which is one of the most powerful available, allowing the steam to get deep into the carpet pile for the best possible deep soil removal.
  6. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Neutralising - your carpet is chemically neutralised and deodorized. The result is a softer carpet with added resistance to soiling.
  7. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Grooming - finally, we will groom your carpet to re-set the pile and distribute the neutraliser.